Want to plan an
event? Garden Valley
is the perfect place!

Planning Timeline

60 Days Out

  1. Contact the GV Chamber for more information
  2. Apply for the Boise County Mass Gather permit if applicable
  3. Reserve Weilmunster Park in the city limits of Crouch, see Mass Gathering Permit.
  4. Reserve the Community Hall, Senior Center, or other venue.
  5. Reserve lodging accomodations

45 Days Out
Once you have made the above arrangments:

  1. Contact media about event
  2. Send information to [email protected] so we can add the event to our calendar, website, and Facebook page.
  3. Have posters or flyers made for the event – send one to us also so we can post it.
  4. Contact corporate sponsors and get their logos for your flyers etc.
  5. Contact vendors if you plan to provide spaces for them at the event.
  6. Have directional signs made for the event
  7. Contact people if you plan on decorations, flowers, rented equipment, caterers, photographers etc… We have people to help with these here in Garden Valley!
  8. Send out invitations/announcements, email, social media…
  9. Draft a timeline, finalize budget and hold the first walk through.

30 Days Out

  1. Ticket sales for your event need to start now if not sooner.
  2. Place newspaper ads, follow up with media, social media, radio ads etc..
  3. Contact VIP’s, celebrities, participants, and confirm their participation.
  4. Give estimate of guests to caterer/restaurant or other food service provider.
  5. Assign seating, set head table and speakers platform is necessary.
  6. Confirm transportation if individuals are not responsible for their own.
  7. Confirm lodging accomodations.
  8. Re-confirm venue.
  9. Confirm security and parking.
  10. Confirm deliveries and equipment rentals, decorations, etc..

One Week Out

  1. Meet with committees if this applies.
  2. Do phone or email follow ups
  3. Do final walk through with volunteers to bring them up to speed.
  4. Rented equipment, decoration, catered events, photographers, confirm timelines.
  5. Follow up with media
  6. Distribute additional flyers
  7. Make arrangmenets for rehearsal if needed.
  8. Have checks ready for payment the day of the event.

Event Day

  1. Arrive early
  2. Set up, and make sure nothing is missing. Have someone you can call in Boise in case something was left behind.
  3. Check sound/lighting equipment to insure everything is working properly.
  4. Hold final walk through/rehersal
  5. HAVE FUN!