Welcome to the best small-town 4th of July celebration. Our community is packed full of family fun the entire day.  The 4th kicks off with the annual flag raising ceremony at Weilmunster Park at 8am. The Garden Valley EMS/Ambulance service hosts a golf tournament, silent auction and BBQ all at Terrace Lakes Resort beginning at 9am.  At 4pm the Duck Race is a can’t miss and you can participate by purchasing a duck (availble at Garden Valley Properties, Garden Valley Homes and Land, and also at the Garden Valley Market).  Don’t miss the parade at 6pm.  There are 2 parts to the parade, Dry and Wet.  There is a 5 minute break between the two, so if you don’t want to get drenched scramble away before the wet parade (swim cap and goggles recommended.  Finish off your day 30 minutes after dusk with the biggest small town fireworks show in the Northwest. Bring your lawn chair or blanket to the park and enjoy the show! 

Things To Do in Garden Valley

Don’t miss our annual New Year’s Eve Lantern Lighting Festival. Each year thousands (100% biodegradable) sky lanterns are launched in Weilmunster Park. Bonfires, hot drinks and a beautiful experience await. Get your lanterns early at the Market or one of the local real estate offices. They sell out each year. All proceeds go to the Chamber’s Annual Scholarship Fund.

The Northfork Championship – Don’t miss the world’s most exciting white water event. Garden Valley plays host every year to this famous event. Drawing the best kayakers from around the globe the North Fork Championship gives you front row seats to one of the most extreme sports! Visit North Fork Championship for details.

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